The reviews are still coming in, but here are just a few quotes from satisfied clients!

"My wedding went perfectly according to plan with the help and expertise of Krystal Burns. We greatly appreciated the opportunity of being care-free while small, but important details were carefully handled by our planner. Krystal was helpful in all areas including organizing, overseeing, and planning of our special day. We would like to recommend and thank our friend for a wonderful outcome in the easiest and most important day of our lives." --Joe and Haley Morrow 

"Having Krystal plan our wedding is one of the things that made it so special. She was calm and knew how to keep everyone at ease, yet she was diligent and didn't let any details slip. She is so naturally gifted at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone!"-- Megan Pfeil

"Krystal Burns is an amazing coordinator, organizer and planner. I've worked with her many times and she's been wonderful. The best thing about her, though, is her character. Call her, you won't be sorry!"
-- Becky Davis

"Krystal Burns did an EXCELLENT job coordinating my wedding. She was very organized, resourceful, and very willing to spend time and effort to help me in any way she could. We met a few months before the wedding to discuss the basics, but there were several other times that she checked up on me and worked with me. From helping me find decorations in the church building to bringing me a plate of food 'to go' at the reception, she really was a life saver. Krystal was able to time my entrance into the auditorium at the exact point in the song that I wanted to appear and organize the order of service without the preacher even being at the dress rehearsal! I was not worried at all to go through my dress rehearsal without him because Krystal was able to take charge and communicate so well that it went perfectly on my wedding day. I totally forgot to bring communion elements for our first communion together, but as we walked to the kneeling bench, the communion elements were sitting there waiting for us! With Krystal being in charge, I was able to totally relax and enjoy being with my family and friends. I didn’t have to make any uninformed decisions about any of the details because Krystal always knew what to do, and that took a load off my shoulders as well. I would recommend Krystal to anyone getting married. She has great experience, creative ideas, and is a fun person to be around." -- Rebecca Ramos

"Krystal is a fantastic coordinator!  Not only does she have an efficient and thorough timeline process, but her ingenuity, professionalism, and just overall fun personality make her great to work with.  She gives her couples many options to explore through a network of different vendors, and offers a lot of guidance along the way if there are any questions.  Krystal has a great eye when it comes to decorating, as well.  She was willing to oversee all the decorating for our wedding, and it was so beautiful!  My husband and I are so thankful to have had Krystal be a part of our journey!" -- Kaylan Frank

"Krystal went above and beyond my expectations!  She kept me organized the entire planning process and made it fun!  Her upbeat attidtude definitely kept me calm during times of stress.  Her love and guidance throughout my whole wedding season was something I did not expect from a wedding coordinator and I am so thankful!  Her attention to tiny details that I would have forgotten are what I am most thankful for!  She would send me monthly reminder emails to tell me what I needed to accomplish that month.  That was incredibly helpful for a bride that had NO clue when I was supposed to get things done.  I am happy to say that Krystal became a friend, not just a wedding coordinator, and for that I am forever grateful!"  -- Courtney Harris

"Krystal Burns did a fantastic job coordinating my wedding! She made it such a fun and stress free experience.  Whenever questions or concerns arise (they will!)  she will be there for you day or night to help you.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone planning a wedding!"  -- Cassidy Knapp